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A Quest Too Far

A Quest Too Far is a roguelike game where you play a veteran adventurer, fighting to overcome monsters despite his age and poor health. The original version was made in just seven days!

Download version 1.3 (Windows, Linux)
Download version 1.2 (Windows, Linux)
Download version 1.1 (Windows, Linux)
Download version 1.0 (original 7DRL release, Windows only)

Screenshots from the current version:

Screenshots from older versions:

The original game (version 1.0) was made during the 2010 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. The following is my 'development diary' from that week:

Final Day (13/03/10)
Success! I added a few new features today, including the introduction and help screens and a few new monsters. However most of my time was spent testing and attempting to balance the game, fixing bugs, then packaging and applying a license to it.

Sixth Day (12/03/10)
With the deadline approaching I'm pleased to say that I've had a very productive day. Added a variety of new monsters and items, stair cases, and the beginnings of the story. My project resembles a (rather short) game now, rather than a test bed. I've also been frantically cutting ideas so that I stand a chance of finishing tomorrow!

Fifth Day (11/03/10)
Loads of new items added today, along with code relating to the things they do. Just one new monster (giant centipede).

Fourth Day (10/03/10)
Today I did a lot of work on equippable items and AI. The game is playable, but the lack of content more than half way in is beginning to worry me - I have just six items (weapons) and two monsters (goblin and bear). Priority for tomorrow is adding more monsters and items, but without sacrificing quality.

Third Day (09/03/10)
Added items, an inventory screen and inventory management today. Also made a start on AI. Hopefully I'll get around to adding some content tomorrow (other than goblins).

Second Day (08/03/10)
Two big jobs done today - a simple level generator, and a visibility system. I've written level generators before and that went smoothly, but visibility was much harder than I expected. It's difficult to get rid of artifacts without creating new ones.

First Day (07/03/10)
This morning I started the project, including CharLib and a Mersenne Twister implementation from another game. Added everything to source control. Since then I've been steadily adding basic features, now it's possible to fight a bunch of very stupid goblins in a large room. I was surprised at how long it took to get messages to display at the right time and gramatically correct (I think), but generally progress has been good.

7DRL Started (07/03/10, 8:45am)
It's 8:45am and I'm starting my 7DRL (7 Day RogueLike), 'A Quest Too Far'. It's going to be about a veteran adventurer, who's beaten a few roguelikes in his time ... he's old now but it's time for one more outing.

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