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Curriculum Vitae - Geoffrey White


name Geoffrey White
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e-mail [my first name] [at] randomstuff [dot] org [dot] uk
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I'm an experienced computer game developer with years of experience programming for a commercial studio and working as an independent developer. I have excellent academic qualifications, an intuition for game design and a diverse experience of game making. I'm now looking for freelance or permanent work in a challenging role within the industry.



Nov 2010 - Dec 2012 Digital Chestnut (
I worked as a self employed independent game developer. I was responsible for everything - concepts, design, programming, QA, production, business, marketing and even sound effects! I knew I wanted higher quality art and music than I could personally achieve, so I hired and managed an artist and a musician to do these things.
The Trouble With Robots (PC, DirectX)
The Trouble With Robots - Megamort expansion (PC, DirectX)

'Lovingly created and varied cartoon environments, Great humour throughout, Strong gamplay mechanics, Limited mode offers surprising amounts of re-playability, Great AI on units.'

Jan 2005 - Nov 2010 Programmer at Exient Ltd (
I worked on many projects, mostly but not exclusively sports titles for the Nintendo DS. I was put on Exient's DS technology team, where I designed a system for multiplayer internet play and successfully integrated it with numerous projects. My responsibilities grew to cover all of our DS code and tools, which often involved fixing difficult bugs, freeing up memory and ensuring that platform guidelines were met.
Madden NFL 06 - 09 (Nintendo DS)
Madden NFL 07 (GBA)
FIFA World Cup 2006 (PSP)
FIFA Street 3 (Nintendo DS)
Skate It (Nintendo DS)
The Sims 3 (Nintendo DS)
I was also involved in:
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (Nintendo DS)
Need For Speed ProStreet (Nintendo DS)
FIFA 06 - 11 (Nintendo DS)

Oct 2004 - Nov 2004 PAOGA (
I was contracted to design and implement a module that performed encryption, password hashing, and random number generation.

2000 SHB Hire (
After two weeks of work experience as a general computer assistant, I was paid to do some further programming work for the company.

1990 Home
I learned to program in BBC BASIC and later Pascal.


Degree at the University of Oxford (New College), 2004
Computer Science (BA) Class: I
Courses taken include:
Computer Graphics, Splines and Computational Geometry
Intelligent Systems
Concurrency and Distributed Systems
Programming Languages and Compilers
various mathematics modules
My third year project “Mesh Parameterization for Texture Mapping” was about automatic UV map generation. I got a first in my exams and was awarded the Hoare Prize for the best performance in Computer Science.

A-Levels at The Burgate Sixth Form Centre, Hampshire, 2001
Mathematics (pure, mechanics) A Physics A
Further Mathematics (discrete, statistics) A General Studies A
In both Mathematics and Further Mathematics, my marks were in the top five nationally for the exam board.

GCSE's at The Burgate School, Hampshire, 1999 (except for Double Science completed in 1998)
Mathematics A* D&T: Graphic Products B Art C
Biology A* Geography A French B
Chemistry A* English B Science (Double) A*
Physics A* English Literature B



References available upon request.

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