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I currently work for CoreFiling. I also previously did some contracting for We7 as a System Administrator.

I have degree in Computation (the course has since been renamed 'Computer Science') from Oxford, where I studied at Keble College until 2001.

I've been involved in writing a website for the Scout Group with which I'm involved, although currently I spend more time volunteering for St John Ambulance. I've also been involved with the Oxford University Computing Society and OxLUG. This doesn't leave me with a huge amount of time to update this website, so you might find my Linked in or Facebook profiles marginally more informative.

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Most of my non-existant free time on is playing with computers, in particular with Linux. Aparently just saying this doesn't classify me enough so here goes:

Software of Choice:
O/SLinux (Debian preferred)
LanguagePython or Java depending on context
Web browserMozilla Firefox.

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