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Some RPM packages I've created for software that I couldn't find RPMS of. There isn't much here at the moment.

If there isn't a suitable binary RPM for your platform then (assuming you have a suitable compiler, and other pre-requisits) you can can build one from the source RPM using rpmbuild --rebuild foo.src.rpm. The produced RPM will be put under /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/, in the directory corresponding to the appropriate architecture.


I've updated the RedHat Pine RPM to version 4.58, which includes a few bugfixes and new features when compared to the 4.4 version shipped by RedHat. The RPM has been built and tested on RedHat 7.3 and 8.



Fedora have stopped shipping OpenMotif because it isn't free enough. The Citrix client for Linux, and probably some other binary only software, depends on OpenMotif 2.2. Older OpenMotif RPMs won't install on Fedora Core 6 because of recent changes to the modular version of Xorg. So I've patched a copy of OpenMotif 2.2.4 and built that for Fedora Core 6. This seems to work for me, but it has received very minimal testing.




These RPMS are based on the spec file included in the distribution. They also include a patch that allows the rdesktop client to report to the server that it has a client access license available (as this is arguably the case on my laptop, which dual boots Windows XP). Unfortunately this is becoming less useful as Windows Server 2003 doesn't honour clients claiming to have a license, and XP isn't entitled to a 'free' CAL anyway.


The older 1.3.1 release. This doesn't include support for a few features, such as drive redirection, that are supported by the newer release.



I used to have a couple of FTP RPMs here, but they were out of date so I've removed them. I now run 'vsftpd'.

Written by Chris Evans of the Linux Security Audit project it this ftpd was written with security as the prime concern - however most reports suggest that it works very well as a fast lightweight server.

The distribution includes a .spec file for producing source RPMs. I have a Redhat 6 compiled binary RPM of a now fairly old version here:

LIRC 0.6.5

These are LIRC RPMs that are compiled for the 'Creative Infra Receiver'. They won't work with other types of infra-red remotes. If you have a 'Creative Infra Receiver' then you probably want these RPMs. LIRC must be compiled specifically for the remote you want to use, so RPMs compiled for other recievers won't work.


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